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Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to deal with a Russian girl

Communication with the girl will give you the opportunity to understand what it represents, what kind of person is. Do you have something in common, interests and activities. Whether it is worth your attention this young lady. So, more about how to communicate with Russian girls.
Most importantly - do not fall into a stupor. Simply perceive it easier. Try to imagine that in front of you is your old friend, with whom you can talk on any subject (in this case, the topic of conversation has no value). Is important is how you're talking to her, as you show yourself. Think about it, when you're in the midst of his friends, on the subject of your conversation, you absolutely do not think, it is by itself, the topics vary smoothly and always (this is important), there is always something to talk about, there is no tedious moments of silence. And a girl - be sure of yourself, do not think about what you will say let slide, communicate on everyday topics, so try to find out that it's more interesting and steer the conversation in that direction. So you let her know that you like.
But if suddenly you still came to a screeching halt and do not know what to say - just look around you. Find a new subject for discussion. Perfect clouds or stars (if this is the night). In the cloud, you can see something of such things, most importantly unleash the imagination, and then remember, as if by chance, what a beautiful tiger of these have you seen the clouds and start up a conversation. Well, the stars generally simple - get the constellation "Big Dipper" and show her, and if you know a little bit more in astronomy, then hung up the ears to hear it will be up in the morning.
While interacting with a Russian girl, eye contact is also important. Do not take your eyes, do not hide, do not look half Dalby and do not consider the soles of their shoes. Try as much as possible to look into her eyes! And do it not with trembling face, twitching eyebrows and an expression of a madman who had just escaped from a mental hospital. Be confident and calm. When you listen to - look like the teacher, explaining the well very important detail when you say - be confident presenter. If the intention of the account of the girl you have a pretty serious (meaning further relations), we can apply a gentle look, with a part of adoration (just imagine how you would look at a naked Angelina Jolie, most importantly, do not forget to cover your mouth). Many Russian girls really like it when they look like this.
Russian girls just love to talk about themselves. The first step is to ask her. She loves that on the contrary it is not very impressed. Find out about her hobbies, activities and interests. Be careful, if all of a sudden she started talking about an issue, grab a subject. Support the young lady, to express their sympathy, take care, and if you can help, it will only raise you in her eyes. Remember one thing, if the conversation will flow easily, just as easily be move from topic to topic, without even noticing it.
In general, the communication in any degree should not strain, on the contrary, it should be fun. Also, an important aspect is reasonable use taboo language (ie the mat). Any normal girl would not be nice to talk to a guy who has as no word so foul language. Forget for a moment that you are a "clear kid," Be a gentleman. Believe me, modest, courteous and polite in dealing guys like girls at times more than "gopota" of the gate with a bunch of "showing off."
The above are a lot of tips on how to properly communicate with the girl, tried and tested. You can come in handy all, you can only use one. But remember, the main task - to leave a good impression of yourself. And if you determined that you want her to "hook" for too long chat is not necessary. Choose a time when it is in its interest, and say goodbye. Think of a good, weighty excuse. Like, my father promised to help, and the promises are always fulfilled (etc., etc.). If you really get her interested, the next meeting will be very soon, I guarantee.

Monday, July 23, 2012

What Russian girls do not like in appearance?

White socks

White socks are appropriate only to that of sneakers. Put them on a morning jog or a workout. If you have planned in the city theme party in a GOP-style, it can be a high point for your favorite white socks. Do not forget to fill in their pants and put on top of Chinese shoes with stiff toes.

Bare feet

This is a situation where the socks and pants are too short and open up your hairy legs or not. There is nothing wrong with the actual form of your feet. The only point in the circumstances in which they caught sight of the observer. Socks should be long enough to go deep into your pants. The latter also worth buying in size.

Horsehead mane

Most often this is true, more like a rat's tail. If you patlach a metalworker or a system administrator, it is obvious that anything with his hair on you can not do. Especially on the head. Then at least wash it as often as possible and generally keep the hair in order. In other cases - and only a short haircut. Leave the long tresses Russian women.
Too much gold

And not just gold, but in general jewelry - rings, chains, buckles. However, if you are a Negro, and position yourself as a rapper, a flag in your hands.

In other cases, the best way to show your wealth - for example, reduce it to the full scholarship to a restaurant or ask the uncle of his Lexus for a day.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Russian woman want to marry a German, a rich man

So. Paramount that you need to do is to provide practical need to find a wealthy German husband - a man from Germany, the richest of the Old Church, which has the god within. I know that the desire to get married and not necessarily for the Germans, to be popular and beloved is the majority of single Russian women. Of the girls who rarely get to comprehend myself as a person rich and coherent, even after she married, perhaps for the Germans. All of us, as it were talented and were free are, are looking their fate, for example - a German husband. And if the fate of the male, possibly from Germany, no, we feel miserable. But the majority of Russian women there is also something else in life, which is very much holding back to native Penates on the step in obtaining the marriage visa to Germany, through her marriage to a German. These can be relatives, loved the work, or, in the end, a very serious relationship with others, so family and friends of the world. As a wise man said: "In order to change strongly in demand, you need to despair, or inspiration."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Russian virgin girls

When Raquel, interpret russian girls, asked Martha why she did not say anything to her, she looked as if nothing had happened in the eyes of Rachel, said: "I thought you changed the decision and intends to stay here. It is not impossible that after all the troubles that brought you Max, do you still love him! "
- It's not that, Martha, you must understand! - Raquel if  to tell my sister that her care, did not give to live in peace. - The fact that I'm afraid of Max ... And Antonio too ...
The only person whose location always felt good to her, Raquel Samaniego, was Victoria, hot russian ladies. It is not just repeating the girl that she should feel for Lombardo, both at home - this is her house, and there is no reason to be so timid and indecisive. Victoria did not approve of aggressive behavior Camila, condemning her for her warm attitude to a simple girl, wormed, according to Camila, not by right of their noble family. She and her husband are constantly discussed every step Rachel, lovely russian girls increased interest in Max's brother's wife. And Claudio even heard them arguing about something the other day. Max grabbed Rachel by the hand, something she scolded.
The only thing that caught the ubiquitous Claudio, in this stormy conversation more than once mentioned the name of the brother of Camille. Why would it? .. Camila and indignant attitude Antonio to Raquel, hot young russian women but, fearing wrath brother - he could not stand when relatives interfere in his affairs, was silent. However, did not fail to reprimand Rachel when they were alone.
- You climbed up to where the place is not like you! As far as I know, my brother gave you a few dresses, but you see, prefer to go dressed as a maid, you would prefer to do?
- Yes! - Angrily blurted out, Raquel, ladies russian sexy looking at Antonio's sister. - Do not go in other people's business! It's my clothes, I earned it by their labor!
- We're not on the street right? - Camilla looked slyly, little russian girls naked. - You're out there and met with Antonio ...
This is Rachel could not stand. Resounding slap was a response to the heinous offense. Now, of course, she tells her brother, in which Rachel was absolutely certain. But no idea what the dark forces she woke in the soul of a pretty woman, what trouble and turmoil brought on his head this slap in the face.

Russian teen fucking girls

Antonio took care Raquel, fuking russian girls, hand, and scree like trying to better see the hidden, said:
- You're beautiful, Raquel, erotic russian girls body and soul ...
- And you, Antonio, you ... - She did not finish in the excitement.
- What am I? - Immediately he asked.
- Nothing ... You use it all - she ran her hands smooth movement of the porch, pointed to the table - Okrut to me?
Antonio smiled charmingly.
- And is it bad, Raquel, free hot russian ladies?
- I do not know! - In the words of the girl was not sure.
Raquel tried to drink wine very young , so as not to get drunk, and yet she was intoxicated. She has mastered the extent looseness that still did not give cross in action and words the brink of alienation, but it loosens up, let not hesitate to answer numerous questions Antonio. And she found herself a new sensation: it is these issues have not been indifferent and. Well if Rachel was with him that evening and asked Antonio, when they returned home late at night and climbed the stairs, hand in hand. Yes, it feels ... calm. Now she takes from him the necklace? No, no, no ...
And only then, Raquel, hairy young russian girls, I saw that they did not come to her room. Is it? .. - Antonio was as surprised as . His hands gently and softly fell on her shoulders, her face is so nigh, that she only saw him for the chap ¬ ... No, no, she does not want anything! .. Antonio for a moment, pulled her to him and asked, "Are you sure?" - "Quite sure ..." - she said, and felt like he let her go.
- I do not know what to think about you, Rachel, girls nude russian. You are very strange. I wish that we met under different circumstances. Good night ...

While no Raquel and Antonio, Maximiliano almost did not leave Martha and her order is already tired of their questions about how she, my sister, admitted that the two went to a restaurant - it is still at the ready: the boat, and aircraft. How much can be expected, since the second hour of the night ...

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On the question pretty pretending, when necessary, naive about his wife Martha, Claudio sincerely laughed and said something about them with Raquel naivety: in their circle, here in Acapulco, this is considered to be in the order of things and do not mind, he would be ... teacher of March
They do not have time to discuss this burning question, left, Claudio, catching sight of a nervous, agitated Maximiliano: Raquel Antonio has not yet returned. March innocently remarked, perhaps, have gone somewhere else to dance ... Max is jealous? Oh, his brother, a real beauty! ..
- Do not talk! - Absolutely enraged Max. - As soon as you arrive in Guadalajara, let your sister immediately hire a good lawyer to get a divorce. About the money do not worry.
- And then you want to marry Rachel, hot russian girls, the really? - March.
- Yes, yes, really! - Out of a Max. - And I have enough money for that!
- But not as much as your brother! - March was not abating, gorgeous russian women.
At this moment they heard the house went Lombardo and Rachel, and Maximiliano hurried Russian girl - let it rise up behind Rachel: he is waiting for them on the pier ...
March suspiciously quickly returned, saying that Raquel, horny russian women do not want to go down to the pier, said that was very tired and sleepy ... The next morning Rachel, rising very early, decided to go swimming in the pool, hoping that there will be one, but her expectations were not realized: there was already waiting for her angry, sleepy, and Maximiliano rolled a scene of jealousy, a decent man with experience, heaping reproaches on the previous evening: Why agree to go to a restaurant, why not refuse the invitation to come into the room by Antonio - March, illegal russian nude girls, told him everything. Why ... Raquel did not hear what he said next, for it was a complete surprise that Max was waiting for her last night on the pier to ferry in Guadalajara ...

Russian pink fur ladies hat

Their table was located on an open veranda with beautiful views of the bay sprinkled with lights. They sat down, and Antonio offered to forget this evening, all the problems, to feel like friends, have decided to spend the time and get to know each other. Well, the rules of the game is quite appropriate, and Raquel, free nude russian women happy with ¬ read to them. She suddenly let go, and so much to an aperitif, from which she was initially refused, but a few sips of a martini nice damping ¬ lured her head, helped to relax. It is, free sexy russian women held out his glass toward the outstretched glass Antonio. From their ground in the air, floated a long light ring, which merged with the quiet sounds of the orchestra, with a gentle melody, flowing through the heart. Raquel easily into conversation.
Lombardo learned that she had twice been to Acapulco. One day his father and sister, other times a big company with friends on Easter week. What does it mean for her to have fun? Rachel thought for a moment, but only for a moment. This is when it is with people who like it when we can talk heart to heart, listen to music, go to the movies ... It turns out that he, too, liked the lyrical music, just like this one, which sounded now. He joked, perhaps it is not the only thing they have in common is, perhaps, there is something else ... But, unlike her, he always traveled alone. My father was always busy with chores, and Victoria, loving it, do not ever want to leave one. With the rest of the family Lombardo had any ¬ where there was no warm relations. As there was no true friend - its not easy to find. In fact, the agreement ¬ silas Raquel, one must be sincere and selfless ... And she, Rachel, girls in russian unselfish? The girl said, if someone is looking for friendship, it's because she likes the man himself, his thoughts, views ... Is it ambitious, hairy russian girls? .. - If it is, Antonio, about money, it is not: it is, of course, knows that money - it's good, but to her they were never the main thing. - What is most important for her life ? Again ... thought - of course, be happy. - Even without the money? - Is it impossible to be happy without them?